Ages: 6 Weeks to 15 Months

Our priority in the Nursery is for all babies to feel safe, secure and cherished whilst here with us.
We encourage parents to come in and visit us at any time, whether it be to spend time settling before the children start at the Centre, to share a special talent with us or just to spend time interacting and having fun. We believe forming a close, bonded relationship with families is the best way to foster a special feeling of belonging.
A program is displayed for parents daily, providing information about what has occurred throughout the day. The daily program outlines our intentional teaching, as well as child-directed activities, while also illustrating the learning journey. Information is also available for perusal on our sleep, meal and nappy change charts displayed in the room.
We believe environmental factors can really enhance children's learning, and when setting up our learning space, we are aware of making it an extension of our program. It is our aim that with careful planning, your baby will increase their skills in all developmental areas (sensorimotor-tactile, visual, auditory, physical and intellectual, communication-language, social emotional), in their own time.

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